Saturday, January 31, 2009

AGS 1269

I have a new ride.It's my first.

It's an automatic transmission motorcycle with 115CC.The name is Ego(Yamaha).Red coloured.It cost around 5.

Actually,i don't know how to elaborate it cause i don't quite know bout bike.LOL.

Well,pictures can better describe it.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm in a situation which i myself can't tell what is it.

If i follow my heart,i might feel happy about it.

But i know,if i think with my mind, it's not a wise decision to do.

Between heart and mind...which should i go for?

p/s:someone said to me,what your heart tells can sometimes be what the Devil whispers to you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

So Much Fun and I'm Goin to Miss this Sem Break

Hurm..let's see,what have i done this semester break.


  • Angels Online

Most of the time,i play this game.Nice game.MMORPG.Like Ragnarok.Cute characters.I'm swordsman+life.Now level 52.In Heaven league.MY server.Oh yeah..i have another 3characters too.

  • Basketball(wanna enter YOUTH '09 30n3 basketball challenge but short of players)
  • Bowling
  • James Bond:Quantum of Solace(with iman)
  • Transporter3(with abah n iman)
  • Body of Lies(with abah n iman)
  • Twilight(with Akhmal)
  • Los dan Faun(with Abah,emak,iman,intan and irine)
  • Bolt(with Izwann and Luqman)
  • Chihuahua(with Michelle)
  • Quarantine(with PS-ian:akram,saoxy,faris,afee,fariq)
  • 4 christmases(with Intan and Irine)
  • Bedtime stories(with PS-ian:Nodi,saoxy,nik,amira,pjat)
  • Ip-Man(with Akhmal)
  • Evolusi KL Drift(Download)
  • Trailer Park Of Terror(Download)
  • Sutun2(Download)
  • Zodiac(Download)
  • Camp Rock(Download)
  • How to Lose Friends and Alienate People(Download)
  • Wet Dreams(Download)
  • Hot for teacher(Download)
  • The Ruins(Download)
  • Sniper 2(Download)
  • Let's Go to Prison(Download)
  • I'm Not Single(Download)
  • and many more...


  • Heroes Season 3
  • Prison Break Season 4
  • Snow Queen(Kim Bo Ra very cute!!)
  • Hana Yori Dongo
  • Hello!Miss(not complete)
  • Gossip Girls(not complete)
  • Tuesdays with Morrie
  • Five People you meet in Heaven
  • Men From Mars and Women From Venus
  • It's not How Good You are,It's How good you want to be.
  • Ayat-ayat Cinta
  • The World is Flat(Not complete)
  • Mid Valley
  • Time Square
  • One Utama
  • Low Yat
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • The Garden
  • Digital Mall
  • Giant Kelana Jaya
  • KLCC
  • Egyptian Embassy
  • USM-Karate Tournament
  • Seremban(Get Mak Zai's Police Report)
  • UTP(stay at akh Isyar and akh Wafi Room)
  • Klang(Tok Pah's house-celebrate Firdaus' birthday)
  • Uitm Shah Alam(and Intan's house)
  • Masjid Negara(Halaqah)
  • Sg.Ara(Motobike license)
  • Pasar Seni(Lured by Intan to buy phone.GRRR)
  • Berjaya Sempo(opposite Time Square:to fix earphone)

Some outdoor activities i went to.
  • Shito Ryu Karate Tournament 2008.
  • Demonstration for Palestinian people.

I met them during my break.Goin to miss them.And ice-skating too.Thanks for the trip Pak May.
  • Tok Jemah(sayang atok)
  • Mak Zai and family(Ameerul and Nurina)
  • Pak May and family(Mak Cik Idah,humaira,najiha,zulaikha,safi,adam)
  • Mak Chu and family(Pak Cik Bahar,Athirah,fiqri,shamim)

There are many celebrations during the semester break
  • Hari Raya Aidiladha
  • Awal Muharram.
  • X'mas
  • New year
  • 10Muharram(Hari Asyura)
9.World and tragedies
  • Bukit Antarabangsa landslides
  • Flooding in the east Malaysia
  • War on Gaza(God damn you Israel)
  • Mumbai attack
  • Economy crisis
p/s: UTP,here i come!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Save Palestine!!!

It was my first time.

We all gathered at masjid as-syakirin KLCC after friday prayer. There were so many of them, men and women ready with banners. I was told that supposedly, we all will be walking to the US embassy but it was last minute change of plan.We all walked to the Egyptian embassy.

I'm grateful to see many people come down to show how angry we are towards war on gaza.

It was 3km walk from KLCC to the Egyptian embassy.It was tiring but worthy because this is the only way i can show my hatred towards Israel.


We plead for Egypt to open its border so that humantarian aids can get into Gaza.

Actually, i was a bit scared for the first time. Because, in TV we all hear that demonstration is like a wrong thing to do.But, it was for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Gaza.So,no worries.

There were police and FRU during the demonstration to ensure public safety.No terrible things happen. It was okay, even when we burned the Israel flag.

In front of Egyptian embassy

What i can do is just pray for them, join any demonstration for Palestinian and to boycott Israel's products.It's very difficult to do,but we can not let US invest their profits to kill our brothers and sisters in Gaza.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

TAGged by Intan Maisarah

5 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda :

  • Pastilah wanita yang solehah.Jaga auratnya, solatnya, akhlaknya, dsbnya.
  • Fizikalnya-tinggi(xleh lbeh tnggi dr ak!), cantik, cerah kulitnya, comel, tak besar dan tak kurus sangat.
  • Pandai menjaga hati dan tak suka gedik+manja.
  • Wanita yang pandai masak!
  • Peramah dan baik hati
5 wanita/lelaki yang tak pernah anda minati seumur hidup anda:
  • Wanita yang perasan lawa dengan memakai pakaian yang tak cukup kain.
  • Penipu,pembohong dsbnya.
  • Wanita yang suka berlagak, gedik2,manja2.
  • Wanita yang gilakan harta.
  • Wanita yang tak pandai urus diri
5 perasaan anda ketika keluar dengan orang yang anda minati
  • Cuak kowt,takut tak tahu nak cakap apa.
  • Gembira dapat kuar ngan orang diminati.
  • Resah sebab tak tahu camna nak gembirakan orang itu.
  • Bangga dapat kuar ngan orang yang diminati.
  • Tak keruan
5 tempat istemewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda:
  • :Menunaikan Haji dan umrah bersama. Tak lupa menziarahi makam nabi.
  • Gi melawat 7 world wonders.
  • Gi ke kutub utara dan selatan.
  • Tokyo dan Korea.
  • Europe
5 barangan istimewa yang akan anda hadiahkan kepada si dia:
  • Sebuah rumah(Selepas kahwin ar).
  • Jam tangan couple set.wakakaka.
  • Set Pefume wanita yang disukai.
  • Handphone
  • Alat-alat muzik yang dia reti main supaya leh diperdengarkan.

Sila tag rakan rakan anda

p/s:Sungguh merapu post ini.Idaman semata2.Xmungkin perfect kan manusia ini.
p/p/s:Memulakan tahun 2009 dengan post yang pelik.