Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeah!!Finally,it's here..

Tomorrow,i'll have my last paper,which is Statics And Dynamics.InsyaAllah,i'm going home on Thursday.

Things i wanna do at home:
1.Play less online game.(biggest challenge)
2.Read more books.
3.Try not to sleep after Subuh prayer.
4.Maintain my diet.
5.Help parents with home work.(Hurmm...)
6.Get back on basketball.


8 comment(s):

siti nur bam said...

semoga berjaye~~melakukan 6 perkara diats.... huhu :)......

Hilman Nordin said...

believe me...
online game is NOT the biggest challenge.

defeating me in a game is. LOL!

orang minyak said...

What game??basket??

Nash Nordin said...

I'm gonna lure you into playing online games! :)

VANITYnisha said...

you play basketball?

Hilman Nordin said...

ya la... basket.
looks like you have a visitor. =)

orang minyak said... prepared!!

cm knal je visitor 2

intan.maisarah said...

semoga berjaya.. ha ha ha