Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quit coke,drink plain water.Anyone??

We were talking about our Hari Raya holiday while waiting for the train to arrive. Then, my friend said that he is eager to work as a drilling engineer and started to count how long would we be in UTP.Hurm,it is about 3 and a half year more.Hurm,would we be happy when we work as much as when we were students?I would say(guess) NO.

I am sure it is not appropriate for me to say that as i have never ever experienced that yet.(I was once when i worked as a waiter in Sushi King.But that was short.I am talking about a long period).

Well,when my friend mention that(working),i suddenly recall the introduction part of "Mars and Venus Collide" by John Gray.Okay,i know it is about male-female relationship book,but i am talking about the part when he mention about people coping with stress.

I know,working job would be tens or hundreads times greater than doing assignment.XD

In the morning,you go for 8hours working day.That excluding traffic jam,late of train arrival(which i happen to experience.I waited for an hour and it took half an hour for it to move 6 stations.That's KTM),and much more.Then,if you have problems with your partner about,let say small things,you might ended it with an action that you might regret later.Hurm,that is for a day.How about if we count for a year, 10years or until we die.

Hurm,how would we cope with our stress huh?I believe there is no one day that we do not face any stress in our life.

I remember that there was one guy who mention about "problem".If there is no problem exists in this world,we would be like animal.With problem that we face,we would start to overcome it and find solution to it.Let us have a simple example:
Problem:It is a very hot day
How to avoid it:We need to cool ourselves.
Solution:With the bright brain of humankind,we have created what we called air-conditioner.
See,if there is no problem,i would not know,what is air-cond is all about.

We should just take problem as a challange for us to change.Yup.CHANGE.
By having an ability to change from certain situation into another,we might nod our head when we realize that changing over a thing might bring happiness to us.Oh yea,what i mean is a good change.Don't ever change yourselves worser.

On the third day of Raya,my father asked me whether any of my friends would like to buy and read his book.Sorry to say,but i answered that my friends don't read book.Not all,but most.Most of them feel that reading a book is like having a burden.Flipping through page by page is like waiting for the moon to come down.It is time-consuming(for them).What if they change their misconception.I can see an obvious difference between those who read and those who not.When we talk to them,we would realize that our head would nod many times,agreeing with what they say.That is because we don't have the knowledge that the person is talking about.Wake up guys!!We need to change.In Islam,there is a word called 'Hijrah'.

Okay.Enough of all this.Let me summarize all this.

Solution:Change-Stress=Problem is solved=happiness :-)

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Anonymous said...

aku malas nak log in... newayz, wut coke and plain water got to do with da post?

btw, i nver worked b4

orang minyak said...

Ahahaha..sje jerk.wat tajuk catchy2 skit.

Anonymous said...

Tengokla gambar tokoh-tokoh korporat, orang politik dan tentu sekali ahli akademik... mesti dia orang ada banyak buku kat pejabat atau rumah diorang. Tu tandanya...

Anonymous said...

dah create air-cond ada problem lain lak -global warming, so tak abis2 lah cari solution!

orang minyak said...

Hurm..dgn adenye problem global warmning..maka,adnye air-cond yg skang mngunakkn teknologi yg xakn hakiskn lapisan ozon...

klo cm dlu,pkai CFC,skang ad kaedah pkai HCFC.hu3