Saturday, August 23, 2008

3on3 basketball

In the game


In line with Convofair '08,UTP held a 3on3 basketball game.I decided to join the game to gain some experience.This game is open to outsiders too.Our fellow friends from UiTM seri Iskandar also join the game.It is interesting,for me,especially, because this is my second appearance in basketball match.(after 5years i play this game).LOL..

They are all good players and that''s the reason we(me) lost 3games.(1 game win because one team doesn't show up).The first was 11-5,2nd 15-5 and the last game 7-4.

Eventhough i lost all the games but i am really happy to play it.

p/s:wanna go to convosquare after this...btw,here are some photos that i took.

This is my teammate.

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